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Our Mission

Go Gold Crew, Inc. exists to raise awareness for pediatric cancer. By spreading awareness we can help improve the lack of funding and improve survival statistics for the children fighting this disease. All money raised will go straight into the hands of researchers working to bring forth specific treatment options to many different cancer types and will also help the families affected by this devastating disease.


We hope that our organization, along with others, will fight together, leading to the development of new drugs and treatment options, improving prognoses. We look forward to the day that these children might have the hope for a future. Go Gold Crew aspires to make an impact and be a part of the change that is coming to the pediatric cancer world. "Help us be the light as we come together and fight."


Join us today, and let's make a difference!

Our Inspiration

By Brittney Albright - President/Founder

In March of 2012, just three weeks after his second birthday, our son Carson was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma--a rare cancer of the retina. Our family was thrown into a dark and scary world where kids suffer from treatment and many do not make it out alive. We had no idea this world even existed, nor did we realize the lack of funding and attention for pediatric cancer.

After six months of life-threatening intra-arterial chemotherapy treatment, several surgeries, exams under anesthesia, and cryotherapy, the tumor in Carson's eye was still not showing signs of shrinking and the cancer "seeds" had spread. Ultimately, we had to make the decision to enucleate (remove) Carson's left eye.

Although he deals with post-treatment complications and continues to face obstacles he must overcome, we are thankful to say that Carson remains cancer-free today.

We hope to help other families who are met with a devastating diagnosis and want the future of pediatric cancer to include many more treatment options and better survival statistics. We want these little fighters to have the chance to live a long, healthy life. They deserve that and so much more.

Our dream is that others will join us, because together we can make a difference. We do this in honor of the ones who have been lost to this disease because they are our inspiration. Your child could be the next diagnosis, and we want the very best for them. They are who we are fighting for.


The Go Gold Crew

Board of Directors and Advisors

President- Brittney Albright
Secretary- Katie Elliott
Treasurer- Carita Austin
Board Member- Kristen Witt
Board Member- Kortni Canada
Board Member-Allison Steward
Advisor - Amanda Brinson
Advisor - Mandy Thatcher
Advisor - Nicky Carr

Advisor - Tara Rager

Advisor - Molly Cunningham

Advisor - Kristen Dunkerly

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